Located in Redwood City, living at Blu Harbor makes it easy to balance work and play, with shorter commutes for more time at home.

Prominent area employers within 10 miles
  • Facebook 6 mi
  • Google 9 mi
  • Box, Inc. 1.5 mi
  • Kaiser Permanente 1.5 mi
  • Oracle 4 mi
  • Rocket Fuel 3 mi
  • Shutterfly 5 mi
  • Gilead 8 mi
  • EA 3 mi
  • Zazzle 4 mi
  • Stanford 10 mi
  • Dreamworks Pictures 4 mi


Want more?
  • Midway between San Francisco and San Jose
  • About 2 minutes to downtown Redwood City
  • Conveniently located near CalTrain (1 of 12 stations that offer baby Bullet service)
  • Near San Francisco Bay trail and protected wetlands

Redwood City

As a community of just over 75,000 people, a center of high-tech industry, and the mid-point of the beautiful San Francisco Peninsula, Redwood City is known for its pleasant climate and profound sense of community. Redwood City is devoted to preserving its rich history, maintaining today’s quality of life, and carefully planning its future.


"Arguably the Peninsula’s strongest candidate for a sophisticated night out on the town..."


The Anti-Mall: Enjoy a wide variety of street shopping, from eclectic clothing boutiques and jewelry shops to family-owned grocery stores, hobby shops, and global furniture stores.


Redwood City is home to Caltrain’s sixth busiest station. 557 parking spaces, 18 bike racks and 50 lockers make it easy for riders to use public transportation.

CalTrain Redwood City Station

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